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Bipolar Stepper Motor (16PU-M202) MINEBEA

Bipolar Stepper Motor (16PU-M202) MINEBEA
Bipolar Stepper Motor (16PU-M202) MINEBEA
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Bipolar Stepper Motor (16PU-M202) MINEBEA 

This is hybrid bipolar stepper motor capable of giving 0.064(0.65)Nm (kg-cm) of holding torque at 0.6A per winding at 3.75 degree stepping angle.

Download Mechanical & Electrical Specification Sheet (PDF)

Step Angle3.75 Degree +/- 5%
Drive SequenceBipolar
Rated Current per Winding0.6 A
Winding Resistance5E5
Holding Torque Nm (Kg-cm)0.064 (0.65)
Rotor Inertia (Kg-cm2)0.015
Rated VoltageMax 40V DC, 12V Typical
Flange Size56.5 mm
Shaft (with coupling spur gear)5mm
Connecting Wire Length30 cm
Pin Configurationrefer to Datasheet 

















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