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USB Adapter, Male- A TO Male- A

USB Adapter, Male- A TO Male- A
USB Adapter, Male- A TO Male- A
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USB Adapter, Male- A TO Male- A

Its a USB extension for Male A type connector, One can use this adapter to extend one Male-A to Female-A USB Cable.Two A-Type male to Female USB cable can be joined to extend using this adapter. 

This is just a pin convertor there is no circuitry inside. It does not work as any kind of signal repeater or booster.


ASSMANN Electronics Inc RoHS Compliant

  • Hook Up Wire: Non-UL 28AWG
  • Connector:
    • P1 & P2: USB A Male Gold Flash Contact, Nickel Plated Shell
    • Plastic: White
  • Hood: Molded Type
    • PVC 45P
    • Color: Blue
    • Electrical:
      • 100% Open Short & Mis Wire Test
      • Contact Resistance: 3Ω Max.
      • Insulation Resistance: 5MΩ Min

​​​​​​Dimensions : 

Total Length: 60mm
Hood Length: 35mm
Hood Heigth: 10mm
Hood Width  : 16mm
Connector Length: 12.5mm
Connector Heigth: 4mm
Connector Width  : 11.5mm


​​​Downloads :

Product Specification sheet


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