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ST Microelectronics

2N7000 - N channel MOSFET - 60V - 0.35A - TO92 - S..
Ex Tax:₹​11.50
32F0308DISCOVERY - Discovery kit with STM32F030R8 ..
Ex Tax:₹​1,049.00
74HC160,Presettable BCD Decade Counter with Asynch..
Ex Tax:₹​20.00
74HC164, 8 Bit Serial In Parallel Out Shift Regist..
Ex Tax:₹​14.00
7806, +6V, 1A Regulator, TO220-3L, ST Micro Origin..
Ex Tax:₹​14.50
BTA41-600BRG High Current (40A) Triac - TOP3 Insul..
Ex Tax:₹​98.00
CD4052B/ HCF4052BE Differential 4 Channel Analog M..
Ex Tax:₹​14.00
The CD4066B is a quad bilateral switch intended fo..
Ex Tax:₹​12.00
Technical Datasheet (93.60 Kb) The ..
Ex Tax:₹​14.00
The CD4094BC consists of an 8-bit shift register a..
Ex Tax:₹​15.00
HCF4018B, Presettable Divide-By-N-Counter, ST Micr..
Ex Tax:₹​15.50
HCF4020BE, Ripple Carry Binary Counter/Divider 14 ..
Ex Tax:₹​14.00
Ex Tax:₹​18.00
The CD4040BC is a 12-stage ripple carry binary cou..
Ex Tax:₹​14.00
HCF4047 - Monostable/Astable Multivibrator, 14-PDI..
Ex Tax:₹​13.00
Datasheet & Application NotesTechnical Dat..
Ex Tax:₹​15.00
HCF4516B - Presettable Binary UP/DOWN Counter, DIP..
Ex Tax:₹​25.00
HEF4030B, Quadruple exclusive-OR (XOR) gate, DIP-1..
Ex Tax:₹​15.00
L293D, Quadruple Half-H Drivers, H Bridge Motor Dr..
Ex Tax:₹​54.00
L298 Dual Full Bridge Driver, ST Microelectronics,..
Ex Tax:₹​130.00
L7805CV, +5V, 1A Linear Regulator, TO-220-3L, ST M..
Ex Tax:₹​9.50
Description:The LM317  series of adjustab..
Ex Tax:₹​15.00
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