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STM8S007C8T6 - MCU, 8BIT, VALUE LINE, 48LQFP, ST Microelectronics

STM8S007C8T6 -  MCU, 8BIT, VALUE LINE, 48LQFP, ST Microelectronics
STM8S007C8T6 - MCU, 8BIT, VALUE LINE, 48LQFP, ST Microelectronics
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STM8S007C8T6 - Mainstream Value line 8-bit MCU with 64 Kbytes Flash, 24 MHz CPU, integrated EEPROM

The STM8S007xx value line 8-bit microcontrollers offer 64 Kbytes Flash program memory. They are referred to as high-density devices in the STM8S microcontroller family reference manual.

All devices of the STM8S007xx value line provide the following benefits: reduced system cost, performance robustness, short development cycles, and product longevity.

The system cost is reduced thanks to a true data EEPROM for up to 100 k write/erase cycles and a high system integration level with internal clock oscillators, watchdog, and brown-out reset.

Device performance is ensured by 20 MIPS at 24 MHz CPU clock frequency and enhanced characteristics which include robust I/O, independent watchdogs (with a separate clock source), and a clock security system.

Short development cycles are guaranteed due to application scalability across a common family product architecture with compatible pinout, memory map and modular peripherals. Full documentation is offered with a wide choice of development tools.

Product longevity is ensured in the STM8S family thanks to their advanced core which is made in a state-of-the art technology for applications with 2.95 V to 5.5 V operating supply.

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Controller FamilySTM8S
Core Size8 BIT
Number of I/O38
Supply Voltage2.95V (min) - 5.5V(max) 
Device Package48 LQFP
Program Memory Size64 KB
EEPROM Size128 Byte
CPU Speed24 MHz
PeripheralsADC, Timer, I2C, SPI, UART


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