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Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter

Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter
Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter
Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter
Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter
Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter
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Industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet Converter

The RS232/485 TO ETH is an industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet converter, which allows bi-directional transparent data transmission between RS232/RS485 and RJ45 port Ethernet, even at the same time, it can be configured via webpage.

Package Includes : 

  • RS232/485 TO ETH x1
  • 5V power adapter (EU plug) x1
  • Ethernet cable x1
  • Male-to-Female serial cable x1
  • Female-to-Female serial cable x1


Features : 

  • -M4 series 32-bit ARM processor with up to 120MHz frequency, fast speed, stable and reliable
  • -10/100M Auto-MDI/MDIX ethernet interface, regardless of cross-over or straight-through cable
  • -Both RS232 and RS485 interface, allows to work independently at the same time, without interfering each other
  • -Configurable baudrate (600bps~230.4Kbps), supports five parity check options: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
  • -Multi indicators, for monitoring communicating and working status
  • -Available working modes: TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Server, UDP Client, HTTPD Client (supports GET and POST)
  • -Supports Modbus, suit for industrial application
  • -Supports Websocket, allows bi-directional transparent data transmission with RS232/RS485 port via webpage directly
  • -Configurable via webpage, AT commands, serial protocol, and network protocol, provides configuration protocol which can be integrated to your own software
  • -Supports customized heartbeat packets, make sure the connection is truthful, as well as for actively retrieving sensor data
  • -Supports customized registration packets, auto passing the registered packet as identifier after the connection is established, so that different devices can be distinguished
  • -Supports customized webpage, allows user to customize the module configuration page
  • -Supports RFC2217-like protocol, be able to communicate with devices whose serial setting (baudrate, data bit, etc.) may change
  • -KeepAlive mechanism, detects broken connection, auto re-connecting
  • -Supports time-out reboot (no-data reboot), ensures a long-term stable connection, configurable reboot time
  • -Supports DNS domain name resolution, configurable DNS server
  • -Supports DHCP, auto-obtained IP or static IP
  • -Firmware is upgradable via the network
  • -Restore to factory settings via software and/or hardware
  • -Comes with default MAC address, which is customizable
  • -Provided software: module configuration software, TCP/UDP testing tool, VCOM virtual serial port software
  • -Example code: host computer (socket ), VB, C++, Delphi, Android, iOS, etc

Specifications :


Connector: 4-pin RJ45
Communication rate: 10/100Mbps
Interface protection: 2KV electromagnetic isolation
Protocols: IP, TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, HTTPD Client, Websocket
TX cache: 16Kbyte
RX cache: 16Kbyte



RS485: screw terminal (A+, B-, GND)
RS232: DB9 male
Data bit: 5bit, 6bit, 7bit, 8bit
Stop bit: 1, 2
Parity bit: None, Odd, Even, Mark, Space
Baudrate: 600bps~230.4Kbps
TX cache: 2Kbyte
RX cache: 2Kbyte
Hardware flow control: RTS/CTS

Interface protection:

RS485: 2KV ESD protection, lightning-proof, anti-surge, over-current protection
RS485 pull up/down registers: 2.2KΩ


Power supply: 5.0~36.0V (5V recommended)
Operating current: 86.5mA (@5V)
Power consumption: <1W

Interface protection: reverse-proof, ESD protection, anti-surge


Operating temperature: -40~85°C
Storage temperature: -40~105°

RS232/485 TO ETH dimensions

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