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DC-DC Switching Regulator

Variety of PWM controller and SMPS controller ICs to design DC power supplies of various power ratings.


CR6228 - Current Mode PWM Power Switch - ChipRail ..
Ex Tax:₹​34.00
D3806 | CC CV DC-DC Programmable Buck Boost Module..
Ex Tax:₹​1,944.00
DC-DC Boost Converter Module - 3V to 5V - Non Isol..
Ex Tax:₹​35.00
Ex Tax:₹​5.00
ICL7660S - Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter - ..
Ex Tax:₹​17.00
LM2575T-5V -1A - Switching Regulator - TO2205T..
Ex Tax:₹​55.00
Datasheet & Application NotesTechnical Dat..
Ex Tax:₹​39.00
LM2576 - ADJ, 3A Adjustable Switching Voltage Regu..
Ex Tax:₹​42.00
LM2596S-12 SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter, 3A Ste..
Ex Tax:₹​128.00
MP2307 - DC-DC - Non Isolated Buck Converter Modul..
Ex Tax:₹​49.00
MT3608 - DC-DC Boost Module - 2ADc to DC Step ..
Ex Tax:₹​66.00
MT3608 - High Efficiency 1.2MHz 2A Step Up Converter - SOT23-6 - AeroSemi
MT3608 - High Efficiency 1.2MHz 2A Step Up Convert..
Ex Tax:₹​12.00
SG3525A - Voltage Mode PWM Controller - ST Microel..
Ex Tax:₹​17.00
TL494CN - PWM & Resonant Controller - Off line..
Ex Tax:₹​16.00
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