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The TI CC3200 WiFi Modules, used for data transpa..
Ex Tax:₹​1,499.00
Industrial CAN to Ethernet converters USR-CANE200..
Ex Tax:₹​5,249.00
With the inevitable retirement of 2G and 3G, expen..
Ex Tax:₹​1,549.15
USR-DR301 DIN-rail mounted RS232 to Ethernet Conve..
Ex Tax:₹​1,565.25
Din Rail RS485 to Ethernet Converters USR-DR302 c..
Ex Tax:₹​1,589.00
USR-DR502-E DIN-Rail RS485 to LTE CAT 1 ModemUSR-D..
Ex Tax:₹​3,522.03
USR-DR504 DIN-Rail RS485 to 4G LTE Cat 4 ModemUSR-..
Ex Tax:₹​6,855.08
USR-G771 RS232/RS485 to 4G CAT-1 DTU Data Converte..
Ex Tax:₹​2,549.00
USR-G781-E Industrial Serial RS232 RS485 to 4G LTE..
Ex Tax:₹​9,335.59
USR-G786-G is an RS485 Electrical Isolation Protec..
Ex Tax:₹​7,499.00
USR-G805-ECEUX Mini Industrial LTE 4G Cellular Rou..
Ex Tax:₹​7,127.00
USR-G805C LTE 4G Cost Effective Dual Network Indus..
Ex Tax:₹​3,239.83
USR-G805S LTE 4G Multi Network Industrial RouterUS..
Ex Tax:₹​4,714.41
USR-G806W Metal Shell 3 LAN WIFI 4G LTE Industrial..
Ex Tax:₹​6,231.36
USR-G810 5G Industrial Cellular RouterUSR-G810 5G ..
Ex Tax:₹​35,271.19
USR-G816 5G Industrial Multi Carrier Cellular Rout..
Ex Tax:₹​27,928.81
Industrial Serial to IP cellular GPRS modem USR-G..
Ex Tax:₹​2,899.00
USR-IO0080 8 DO Extension Module for M100USR-IO008..
Ex Tax:₹​1,688.14
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