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CD4016BR - CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch - 14-PDIP, Texas Instruments

CD4016BR - CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch - 14-PDIP, Texas Instruments
CD4016BR - CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch - 14-PDIP, Texas Instruments
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CD4016BR - CMOS Quad Bilateral Switch - 14-PDIP, Texas Instruments

CD4016B Series types are quad bilateral switches intended for the transmission or multiplexing of analog or digital signals. Each of the four independent bilateral switches has a single control signal input which simultaneously biases both the p and n device in a given switch on or off.

Technical Datasheet (985 KB)  

  • 20-V digital or ± 10-V peak-to-peak switching
  • 280- typical on-state resistance for 15-V operation
  • Switch on-state resistance matched to within 10  typ. over 15-V signal-input range
  • High on/off output-voltage ratio:
  •   65 dB typ. @ fis = 10 kHz, RL = 10 k
  • High degree of linearity:   <0.5% distortion typ. @ fis = 1 kHz, Vis = 5 Vp-p, VDD–VSS 
  • Extremely low off-state switch leakage resulting in very low offset current and high effective off-state resistance:  100pA typ. @ VDD–VSS = 18 V, TA = 25°C
  • Extremely high control input impedance (control circuit isolated form signal circuit:   1012typ.
  • Low crosstalk between switches:   –50 dB typ. @ fis= 0.9 MHz, RL = 1 k
  • Matched control-input to signal-output capacitance:   Reduces output signal transients


    • Analog signal switching/multiplexing
      • Signal gating
      • Squelch control
      • Chopper
      • Modulator
      • Demodulator
      • Commutating switch
    • Digital signal switching/multiplexing
    • CMOS logic implementation
    • Analog-to-digital & digital-to-analog conversion
    • Digital control of frequency, impedance, phase, and analog-signal gain


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