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BTA16-600B Triac - 16A - 600V - TO220AB

BTA16-600B Triac - 16A - 600V - TO220AB
BTA16-600B Triac - 16A - 600V - TO220AB
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BTA16-600B Triac - 16A - 600V - TO220AB 

BTA16-600B is a Silicon Bidirectional Thyristor (TRIAC) which can be used for high performance full wave ac control applications where high noise immunity and high commutating di/dt is required.

Technical Datasheet


  • Blocking voltage up to 800V RMS
  • On-State current rating of 16A at 80C
  • Uniform gate trigger current in Three Quadrants.
  • High Immunity to dV/dT - 1500V/µS 
  • Minimizes snubber network for protection
  • Industry standard To-220AB package
  • High commutating dI/dT - 4A/ms
  • Internally Isolated 2500 Vrms

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