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100W Hot Solder POT - Tin Melting Pot - 200-480 ℃

100W Hot Solder POT - Tin Melting Pot - 200-480 ℃
100W Hot Solder POT - Tin Melting Pot - 200-480 ℃
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100W Hot Solder POT - Tin Melting Pot - 200-480 ℃

This hot solder pot can hold melted tin at adjustable temperature, ideal for variety of tinning applications such as wire end tinning etc

Temperature range
Melted solder capacity: 500g
Tin pot diameter(mm): 50mm
Material: Stainless steel
Input voltage: AC220v 50Hz
Product size: length:150mm
Wire length:840mm

1 Electronic temperature regulating plates, some of the imported components production.
2 Tin furnace is made of imported stainless steel plate, according to regulate the temperature, automatic constant temperature.
3 Easy to use, easy maintenance, good heat effect, melting tin fast.
4 The titanium alloy solder bath and other heavy duty compents offer greater durability.
5 High power heater,quickly melten the lead-free tin bar.

Welding method:
1 Firstly,you should put the tin bar into the furnace to melt (melting point of Pb SN is about 250 DEG C, lead-free solder melting point of 300 DEG C or so, slug melting 328 DEG C or so)
2 Secondly,put the flux in another container (the welding foot to touch);
3 Thirdly,when you are welding,you should put the wire feet to be tinned on the flux to dip, then put into the dip soldering tin stove.
4 Lastly,after the temperature of tinned wire becomes cooling,it means the tinning is finish.

Package Included:
1 pc lead-free solder pot


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