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Single Pin Jumper Wires

Single Pin Jumper wire with variety that includes Female connector on both sides, Male connector header on both side or M-F combination Jumper Wire. These wires proves very useful during prototype stage of product where various daughter board has to communicate and share power sources with one another.


1 Pin Female to Female Jumper Wire - 12 Inch - Mix..
₹​ 4.72
Ex Tax:₹​ 4.00
F-F Jumper Wire - Set of 40 - 2.54mm - 20cm Length..
₹​ 57.82
Ex Tax:₹​ 49.00
F-M Jumper Wire - 20cm Length - 2.54mm - Set of 40..
₹​ 57.82
Ex Tax:₹​ 49.00
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