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Hilink HLK-10M12

Hilink HLK-10M12
Hilink HLK-10M12
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HLK-10M12 12 volts 10 watt compact plastic enclosed isolated Power Supply Module. 

This compact size power module makes it perfect to use in places where size is a constraint. HLK AC to DC power supply modules is a compact PCB mountable plastic enclosed power supply module. HLK-10M12  Power Supply Module replaces lots of parts from the traditional power supply like diodes, voltage regulator, transformer.

HLK Power Supply modules are perfect solutions if you want your power supply on PCB. Hi-link AC to DC Power supply modules are widely used in various applications like smart homes, communication equipment, automation and control and various other industries. 

The 10 Watt ultra-small series power supply module is a small volume, high efficiency power module designed for customers by Hi-Link. It has the advantage of global input voltage range, low temperature rise, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability, high security isolation etc.


  • Ultra-thin, ultra-small, minimum volume in the industry
  • Universal input voltage (90~245Vac)
  • Low power consumption, environmental protection, no-load loss <0.1W
  • Low ripple and low noise
  • Good output short circuit and over-current protection and self-recovery
  • High efficiency, high power density


  • Size : 46.9*27.8*21.8
  • Output Power : 10 watt
  • Output Voltage : 12 volt
  • Output Current : 830 mA

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