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ACS712ELCTR-05B-T Hall Effect Based Linear Current..
Ex Tax:₹​149.15
ACS712T ELC20A - Hall Effect Based Linear Current ..
Ex Tax:₹​149.00
BIS0001 - PIR Motion Detection IC - SOIC16Tech..
Ex Tax:₹​15.00
CH340N is a USB bus adapter chip, which realizes U..
Ex Tax:₹​49.00
CH343G is a USB bus adapter chip, which realizes..
Ex Tax:₹​88.00
The DRV8837C device provides an integrated motor d..
Ex Tax:₹​28.00
DS3231SN Real Time Clock/Calendar I2C, 2-Wire Seri..
Ex Tax:₹​205.93
The FT232R is a USB to serial UART interface IC. S..
Ex Tax:₹​175.00
GL850G-HHY22 - USB2.0 HUB Controller - SSOP28Datas..
Ex Tax:₹​70.58
IN1307 is essentially the binary decimal digital ..
Ex Tax:₹​26.00
The SP481E and SP485E are a family of half-duplex..
Ex Tax:₹​34.00
MUN5114DW1T1G Dual PNP Bias Resistor Transistors S..
Ex Tax:₹​3.00
These devices are precision timing circuits capab..
Ex Tax:₹​5.00
PGA309AIPWT Voltage Output Programmable Sensor Con..
Ex Tax:₹​548.00
SGL8022W Single-channel DC LED touch control chip ..
Ex Tax:₹​42.00
The SN65HVD230, SN65HVD231, and SN65HVD232 control..
Ex Tax:₹​149.15
The SN65176B and SN75176B differential bus transc..
Ex Tax:₹​25.00
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