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Soldering Sponge 5.5x5.5CM

Soldering Sponge 5.5x5.5CM
Soldering Sponge 5.5x5.5CM
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Soldering Sponge 5.5x5.5CM 

This is an Low cost high quality 5.5x5.5 Cm Solering sponge made specifically for cleaning soldering iron tips. Use this sponge to clean clean your soldering iron tip and ensure its long life. This sponge swells up when soaked in water and can hold water for a very long time.


  • Size : 5.5x5.5 Cm
  • Color : Yellow
  • Low cost and high-quality solder sponge.
  • Ideal replacement for the old sponges.
  • Solder sponge removes oxides and excess solders from soldering iron tips
  • Provides extended tip life and precise soldering
  • Removes all Solder Residue

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