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5.83inch E-Paper E-Ink Raw Display, 648×480, Black..
Ex Tax:₹​3,249.00
5inch DSI Display, 800 × 480, IPS, Thin and Light ..
Ex Tax:₹​2,209.00
5inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD (B), 800×480, HDM..
Ex Tax:₹​3,205.00
5-inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, with a resolut..
Ex Tax:₹​3,466.00
5inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, 800×480, HDMI, L..
Ex Tax:₹​3,191.00
5V 4A DC Power Supply - Suitable for Jetson Nano D..
Ex Tax:₹​699.00
This is a 7.3inch ACeP 7-Color E-Paper E-Ink Raw..
Ex Tax:₹​5,427.00
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