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SMD Chip Resistor 1206 5%

SMD Chip Resistor 1206 5%
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SMD Chip Resistor 1206 5%
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Quick Overview 

  • Resistance : OE, 1K,1K2, 1K5, 2K, 2K2, 2K7, 3K3, 6K8, 9K1, 10K, 10E, 12K, 15K, 18K, 22K, 24E, 24K, 27K, 27E, 30K, 30E, 33K 33E, 36K, 39E, 39K, 47K, 47E, 51K, 62E, 68K, 82K, 91K, 100K, 100E, 120E, 200E, 220K,240E, 270K, 300K, 330K, 470K, 470E, 510E, 680E, 820K, 910K
  • Tolerance : ±5%
  • Power (Watts) : 0.25W
  • Size : 1206 SMD
  • Packing : Tape & Reel
  • Make : YAGEO / HTR/ UniOhm/ etc

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