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HEL 07D470K 47V Zinc Oxide Varistor ZOV

HEL 07D470K 47V Zinc Oxide Varistor ZOV
HEL 07D470K 47V Zinc Oxide Varistor ZOV
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HEL 07D470K 47V Zinc Oxide Varistor ZOV 

Varistor are voltage dependent, nonlinear device which have an electrical behavior similar to back-to-back zener diodes. Zinc oxide varistor are nonlinear resistors, consisting main of zinc oxide and several kinds of metal oxide additive. They are bilateral and symmetrical V-I characteristics curve and unparalleled large peak current capability are used for absorption of transient voltage, suppression of pulse noise and circuit voltage stabilization.

Specification Sheet [PDF]


  • Surge Protection in consumer electronics 
  • Absorption of switching surge from various kinds of relays and electro-magnetic valves
  • Electrostatic discharge an spike noise suppression.
  • Protection of various kinds of transistors, diodes, ICs, thyristors, triac semiconductors, and etc.
  • Automobile control system such as transistorized ignition system and electronic fuel injection system, and etc.

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