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USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit

USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit
USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit
USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit
USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit
USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit
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USBPrayog - DIY Assembly Kit


USBPrayog is an open source DIY board compatible with Arduino. Low cost, low complexity, USB by firmware, and a cool prototying area.

This project is open, so you can download all the stuff needed to make yours and start running.

Metaboard is best used with USBaspLoader (more information here)

Take a look at the design goals:

  • Low complexity and thus extremely low price. 
  • No SMD components. Easy to assemble at home.
  • (Mostly) compatible with Arduino in board dimension and connector layout. Can also be programmed by Arduino's development environment via USB.
  • No upfront investment for development environment or programmer hardware.
  • Breadboard area on board.
  • Completely Open Source.

Kit Includes :

1x USBPrayog PCB
1x Atmega8l-8pu (Metaboard Bootloader is not Progammed Click here for details)

1x 16MHz Half Size Crystal Resonator

2x 68E , 0.25 W Resistor

1x 1K5, 0.25 W Resistor

1x 1M, 0.25W Resistor

2x 10uF/25V Capacitor

2x 22pf Ceramic Capacitor

1x 40x1 Bergstrip

2x 2Pin Jumper Cap Shunt

2x 3V6 Zener Diode

1x 104 Ceramic Capacitor

1x 1N4007 Diode

1x 28 Pin Narrow IC base

1x Micro Switch (Reset Switch)

1x 7805 Voltage Regulater

1x USB B type female connector

1x DC Barrel Jack for Power Supply

1x USB B Type Cable 1.5 MTR Length


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