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FL7733AMX PSR LED Driver - ON Semicon - SOP8

FL7733AMX PSR LED Driver - ON Semicon - SOP8
On Semiconductor
FL7733AMX PSR LED Driver - ON Semicon - SOP8
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The FL7733AMX is a LED Driver with power factor correction. It is a highly-integrated PWM controller with advanced primary side regulation (PSR) technique to minimize components in low-to-mid-power LED lighting converters. Using an innovative TRUECURRENT® technology to provide tight tolerance constant-current output, this LED driver enables designs with constant current (CC) tolerance of less than ±1% over the universal line voltage range to meet stringent LED brightness requirements. By minimizing turn-on time fluctuation, high power factor and low THD over the universal line range are obtained in the FL7733A. During start-up, adaptive feedback loop control anticipates the steady-state condition and sets initial feedback condition close to the steady state to ensure no overshoot or undershoot of LED current. The FL7733A also provides powerful protections, such as LED short/open, output diode short, sensing resistor short/open and over-temperature for high system reliability.
  • Adaptive feedback loop control for start-up without overshoot
  • System protection LED short/open protection
  • Output diode short protection
  • Sensing resistor short/open protection
  • VDD over-voltage protection
  • VDD under-voltage lockout
  • Over-temperature protection
  • All protections are auto restart
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit


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