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FM6316FE 1A mobile power management PMIC SOP-8

FM6316FE 1A mobile power management PMIC SOP-8
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FM6316FE 1A mobile power management PMIC SOP-8
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FM6316FE 1A mobile power management PMIC SOP-8

Technical Datasheet

FM6316FE is a portable power bank that integrates lithium battery charging management, DC-DC boost and load detection functions for mobile power. Source management IC.

FM6316FE integrates charging methods including the whole process of trickle charging, constant current charging and constant voltage charging, and includes charging process and charging end status indicators indicator light; the constant current charging current is programmed through an external resistor; the system will close the output discharge path in the charging state; when the external input power is removed, The FM6316FE is powered by the battery to the external equipment. If no external equipment is detected, the system enters the standby state, and the standby current of the entire system is 16uA.

FM6316FE has multiple protection designs, including anti-backflow protection during charging, soft-start protection, over-temperature and under-voltage protection, etc.

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