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HTC Korea

LM1117GS-3.3 HTC 1A LDO Voltage Regulator SOT-223 ..
Ex Tax:₹​10.00
LM1117GS-5.0 5V 1A Linear Voltage Regulator SOT-22..
Ex Tax:₹​8.47
LM2596T-5.0 5V 3A, 150kHz, Step-Down Switching Reg..
Ex Tax:₹​42.37
The LM39300, LM39301 and LM39302 are 3.0A low-dro..
Ex Tax:₹​74.00
MAX485E RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver IC - DIP-8Datash..
Ex Tax:₹​25.42
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