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THX208 Switching power supply controller integrated circuit SOP-6

THX208 Switching power supply controller integrated circuit SOP-6
THX208 Switching power supply controller integrated circuit SOP-6
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This is a high-performance current mode PWM controller. designed for High-cost performance AC/DC converter design. It Delivers close to 4W over a wide voltage range of 85V-265V continuous output power and optimized high rationality circuit with Bipolar fabrication process for high performance and it saves the overall cost of the product to the greatest extent.


  • Built-in 700V high-voltage power switch tube, very few peripheral components
  • Latch pulse width modulation, pulse-by-pulse current limit detection
  • Low output frequency reduction function, no output power consumption can be lower than 0.25W
  • Built-in slope and feedback compensation function
  • Independent upper limit current detection controller, real-time processing of overcurrent and overload of the controller
  • Off-cycle emitter bias output, which improves the withstand voltage of the power tube.
  • Built-in current limit resistor with temperature compensation, precise current limit
  • Built-in thermal protection circuit
  • Use the amplification effect of the switching power tube to complete the start-up, and the power consumption of the start-up resistor is reduced by more than 10 times.
  • Minimal external components
  • Low startup and operating current
  • VCC overvoltage automatic limit
  • Wide voltage output power up to 3.8W, narrow voltage output power up to 4.5W or more


Technical Datasheetpdf_icon.png (50×50)


PINPIN Function
1 (OB)Power tube base, starting current input, external starting resistor.
2 (NC)Dangling feet
3 (VCC)power supply pin
4 (FB)Feedback pin
5 (GND)Ground
6, 7 (NC)NC
8 (OC)Output pin, connected to switching transformer


  • Portable adapters (such as travel chargers, external power boxes, etc.)
  • Lightweight and stylish mobile device power supply (such as MP3, WALKMAN, etc.)

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