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STM32L0538-DISCOVERY - w/ 2.04" E-Paper Display

STM32L0538-DISCOVERY - w/ 2.04" E-Paper Display
ST Microelectronics
STM32L0538-DISCOVERY - w/ 2.04" E-Paper Display
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STM32L0538-DISCOVERY - w/ 2.04" E-Paper Display - Ultra Low Power MCU STM32L0 Series

The STM32L0538-Discovery board heplps you to explore the ultra low power microcontroller of STM32L0 series by ST Microelectronics. This board is best way to evaluate the rich features of STM32L0 family of microcontrollers. Board features current consumption measurement by primary mcu. It has a low power 172x72 pixels, E-Paper Display. On-board ST-Link V2 for programming and debugging the STM32L053C8T6 Microcontroller. 

Brief Datasheet [PDF at]


  • STM32L053C8T6 Microcontroller with 64KB Flash, 8KB RAM in 48 LQFP PAckage.
  • On-Board ST-Link V2-1 with selection modeswitch to use kit as stand alone ST-Link V2.1.
  • USB re-enumeration capabilities with 3 different interface supported -
    • Virtual Com Port
    • Mass Storage
    • Debug Port
  • Board Power Supply from USB Bus or from external 5V Power Supply.
  • One linear Touch sensor OR 4 Touch Keys
  • IDD Current Measurement.
  • 2.04", 172x72 E-Paper Display.
  • Four LEDs
    • LD1- RED/GREEN for USB enumeration 
    • LD2 - RED - for Power ON Indication
    • Two user LEDs, LD3 [Green] and LD4 [Red].
  • Two push button, User and Reset
  • Extension headers to all I/O of MCU.


Manufacturer's resource page with Schematic, Application Notes, Example Codes and BSPs.

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