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Core407I - STM32F407IGT6 Development Board

Core407I - STM32F407IGT6 Development Board
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Core407I - STM32F407IGT6 Development Board
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Core407I - STM32F407IGT6 Development Board 

Core407I is a small STM32 development board that features an STM32F407IGT6 device as the microcontroller, supports further expansion. It is ideal for starting application development with STM32F family.

As a minimal ready-to-run system, the Core407I integrates USB communication interface, JTAG/SWD programming/debugging interface, clock circuit, USB power management, boot mode selection, and so on.

Furthermore, pin headers on the backside allow the Core407I to be plugged-in your application board and act as the MCU core circuit in your system. All the I/O ports are accessible on the pin headers, and the header pitch is designed as 2.0mm to achieve smaller pcb size.

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