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HX710B 24bit Analog To Digital Converter SOIC-8

HX710B 24bit  Analog To Digital Converter SOIC-8
Avia Semiconductor
HX710B 24bit Analog To Digital Converter SOIC-8
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HX710B 24bit  Analog To Digital Converter SOIC-8

Technical Datasheet

HX710 adopts Haixin technology integrated circuit patented technology, is a 24-bit A/D converter designed for high-precision electronic scales switch chip. Compared with other chips of the same type, this chip has It has the advantages of high integration, fast response, strong anti-interference, etc. point. Reduce the cost of the whole machine of the electronic scale, improve the efficiency of the whole machine performance and reliability.

The input LNA has a gain of 128 when the reference When the voltage VREF is 5V, the corresponding full-scale differential input signal The amplitude is ±20mV. The on-chip clock oscillator does not require any Any external devices. The digital temperature sensor in the HX710A chip can Directly read out the temperature in the chip, that is, in the system. HX710B can Used to detect the voltage difference by detecting (DVDD-AVDD) battery voltage.

All control signals are driven by pins, no on-chip part of the register programming. MCU only needs 2 I/O ports Implements all control of the ADC, including power-down control. Power-on Auto-reset feature simplifies power-on initialization

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