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10 DOF IMU Sensor (C) is good at motion monitor, ..
Ex Tax:₹​1,945.00
10-DOF IMU Sensor Module for Raspberry Pi Pico, on..
Ex Tax:₹​1,511.00
Ex Tax:₹​6,868.00
10.1inch Capacitive Touch LCD (F), 1024 × 600, Tou..
Ex Tax:₹​5,998.00
Features11.6inch IPS screen,1920 x 1080 high res..
Ex Tax:₹​12,264.00
This is a 11.9inch IPS Display for Raspberry Pi. T..
Ex Tax:₹​7,389.00
This is a 11.9inch HDMI IPS Display for Raspber..
Ex Tax:₹​8,045.00
This is a general OLED display Module, 1.5inch di..
Ex Tax:₹​899.00
FeaturesSPI interface, requires minimum GPIO for..
Ex Tax:₹​557.00
This is a general OLED display Module, 0.91inch d..
Ex Tax:₹​435.00
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