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IP2312-4V35 Single Cell Lithium Battery Charging IC

IP2312-4V35 Single Cell Lithium Battery Charging IC
Injoinic Technology
IP2312-4V35 Single Cell Lithium Battery Charging IC
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The IP2312 is a 5V input that supports single-cell Li-Ion battery synchronization IC for switching buck charge management. IP2312 integrated power MOS with synchronous switching architecture enables. It requires only a few peripheral components for the application and effectively reduces the overall situation. The size of the scheme to reduce BOM cost.

IP2312 boost switching charge converter operating frequency 750KHz, maximum charging current is 3A, 5V input, 3.7V/2A revolution Exchange efficiency 94%; The charging current can be set by an external resistor.

The IP2312 input voltage is 5V, and the input can intelligently adjust the charging current, preventing pulling on the adapter.


  • Synchronous switch buck charging
  • Charging efficiency 94% (3.7V/2A)
  • Maximum charging current 3A
  • Charge current external resistance can be adjusted
  • Automatic adjustment of input current, compatible with small current adapters
  • Support 4.20V/4.30V/4.35V/4.4V battery
  • Support charging NTC temperature protection
  • Support LED charging status indication
  • Power MOS built-in
  • 750KHz switching frequency can support 1uH inductor
  • Input overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • IC over-temperature protection
  • Charging timeout protection
  • ESD 4KV


Technical Datasheet pdf_icon.png (50×50)

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